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I’ve always enjoyed looking through other peoples holiday snaps. The comedy snapshot into peoples time when they can be whoever hey want to be are always the most inviting images to look through. Not necessarily the ones of them cranking out the hardest routes. That being said I am currently really enjoying  making the effort to go about learning how to take cool climbing shots. With a past involving photography heavily I certainly felt that in recent years I haven’t paid it enough attention. (I pretty much forgot how to use a camera)…..(An SLR not a disposable)……(I could probably have a punt at one of them)

On a recent trip to Rodellar I made the effort to try and get some climbing shots. I hauled over a static rope, jumar and all the other gubbins required to get shots from high up.

I’m not going to put any of them up here though as I have added them into a gallery which can be found HERE. I did however make some quite funny observations about how people react to someone taking pictures.

When I first went along to the crag with the intention of taking pics on a rope there were people already on the route which I wanted to Jumar up. A German guy called Max and a really loud American guy called Chris. He was the attention of the crag. Every detail acted out for the crowd. If I hadn’t spent enough time over the pond he would have been ‘one of those’ Americans. Loud and obnoxious. Instead I quite liked him.

Me putting a rope up was clearly something he wasn’t used to so obviously immediately added in his professional opinion on rigging. Having already spoken to him about work back up at the refugio he had ammo and wasn’t afraid to start firing off to the whole crag that I was doing a DMM photoshoot.

He was clearly the model of choice and rather irritatingly the best pictures of the lot were of him. In commemoration of him See below.


After Both Him and Max……See below


had their pictures taken I finally, with zero blood in my legs took some pictures of the people I was on hols with. Will Sim. As seen resting in a tufa and Katy Whittaker as seen not pumped.



Camera session number 2 saw the addition of Katy Whittaker on Camera 2.


Ever the professional she chose the best spot to shoot from with the most modern equipment.


Gav Symonds was the subject of choice.


Both times that I had bothered to put up a rope to take pictures it had cause a few people to look at me strangely and frown concernedly. Once however we were all back at the refugio with a few Harra Cerveza’s (big beers) they were all totally psyche to actually have cool pictures of them from their holiday. One Guy did his first 8a the first day and I just so happened to be there. He was made up to have pictures.

And in conclusion. Although people seemingly have a funny attitude towards people making a fuss about taking pictures, the satisfaction from actually making the effort to take pictures as an activity is pretty fulfilling. It doesn’t have to be an abnormal activity so make the effort and make your friends look like heroes.


Sending his first 8a

Oh yeah and here’s a picture of a beetle that ate far too much of a Sin Gluten Biscuit. Poor bastard.


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