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I first saw the Five Ten Hi-Angle as a development sample that a friend Wiz Fineron had. From the first second I saw them I instantly liked them. They looked fly, modern and like a Five Ten shoe to compete with the Miura and Boostic on looks. The only things I could see wrong was a particularly flimsy looking velcro strap.

The next time I saw them was at Friedrichshafen 2014 prior to their release. The show sample had been sorted and the strap looked good. Next step. Get a pair!

Fortunately enough for me being involved in the outdoor industry does have its perks and in no time I had a pair to try. As always I had ordered a uk7.5. Up until this point I had always been a 7.5 in every 5.10 shoe. These although savage to get on were way to big and I had to go down to a size ??? to get some to fit. Now ?? sizes down they required a plastic bag to get them on for the first 5 or so sessions. Once they were actually on they were exceptionally comfortable not only wear but also to climb in. The toes are possibly the most precise shoe I have ever climbed in and are absolutely amazing on steep terrain with small in-cut footholds.

wiz putting on Hi angleThe heel had no baggy material like the Anasazi range so was ideal for smeary hooks and big compression prows. Shame about the lack of cheating heel 😉 for those crimpy/edgey heel hooks that the Pinks and old whites are so good for.

I’ve now had the shoes for almost a year and they are showing no sign of wearing through yet. they still have a sharp-ish edge and have retained about 70% stiffness. Being fair I have been only using them when I really need to so as not to blast through them.

One thing that is worth noting, originally  5.10 classed these shoes as a price conscious downturn???? Seeing as they were only £5 cheaper than the dragon at retail this seemed a little ridiculous. Around £80 to buy. They are their own shoe and in my mind have replaced the dragon. They are a more comfortable fit, retain a sensible level of stiffness and look funky as!

Take a look at the video below for a product presentation by Dave Kassel at ISPO 2014.

Out of the box comfort




Heel fit






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