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Finishing full time work and loving life.

I most definitely haven’t been posting for quite some time now. One things for certain. I have been loving life. Finishing full time work was one of the most liberating things I have ever done. That last day back in February 2016 was very scary but also very exciting. Since then, here’s a brief summary of what’s happened.

I bought a van, a big van. I have been slowly kitting it out with everything I could need to actually live in it. I’ll do another post about this with a whole load of pictures and info on what me and Katy decided to do inside. You can check us out on Instagram HERE I’ve been on a whole host of trips in the van in various stage of completion.

First up we went on a relaxing trip to Font where we did little climbing but maximum work on the van. Life was all a little daunting then having just finished work and coming crashing back down to a more relaxed pace of life. Coming back I went straight into some freelance route setting around the country. I loved this and will probably do more of it in the future. For now though a combination of Rope Access and holidays is my agenda for the next few years. I’ve have a taste of the good life and now I want more.

In June we headed up to Scotland and cruised from Hoy all the way back down to England along the West coast climbing every Sea stack we could lay our hands on. Katy Whittaker wrote a blog about our trip. It was amazing and we barely spent any money at all. That’s when I realised that I was probably grossly over spending in life! How I wish I had saved all those pennies I had fruitlessly spent before. Now however I am a changed man.

After that I had a couple of months of dedicating myself to Rope Access during the weeks and finishing off the van at the weekends. this meant not much climbing but it was a worthy sacrifice. A long van trip was due in the Autumn/winter. We had plans to leave Portsmouth at the beginning of October and not return until Christmas. Although not a super long trip it still inspired us to make those finishing touches to the van of our dreams.

I am going to be writing a separate blog about our time in the van and our climbing experiences. One thing is for sure. Van life RULES!!!!!

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  • Kirstie says:

    Great blog guys.
    Spent a summer in a tiny van a couple of years ago so that I could do more of what I love and go sailing.
    Doing the full time job thing at the moment (with over a third of the yr off so not all bad) but your blog is definitely giving me itchy feet to live simpler again and maybe to update my own blog too!

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