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First time into the sunset- Spanish Van Life Diary

It finally came. I had finished work, bought a van, kitted it out and now was the time for off. Heading into the sunset. Spanish Van life, well for at least 3 months anyways. Finally I was going to be the guy that was sticking around Spain while everyone else went home after two weeks. I was going to be the guy that took a double or triple rest day just because I could.

I’ve thought about how exactly I could write something down that wasn’t a boring account of me doing some route lots of other people could do easily or a ranty post about all the things that went wrong. I even thought long about how the trip went over all. There came my answer. What had I learned from my trip? Well here they are. My lesson learned. In order of appearance.

-Going away for three months doesn’t give you the right to say. ‘I’ll get fit out there’

-Giving up all sugar for 6 weeks starting 5 days before a trip doesn’t do much for your energy levels.

-Being able to do a single 1 arm pull up doesn’t help you on 40m routes in Rodellar.

-Surfing is amazing. You get pounded but for some reason you’re still alive at the end of the day.

-Googling a local Chiropractor can sometimes work.

-Open the van windows when cooking with chilli.

-Coffee is a good way to free internet, the toilet and comfy sofa’s

-Doing your washing shouldn’t cost €25

-Taping up every finger doesn’t help you in Margalef.

-Perseverance with taping fingers sometimes gets you up some routes.

-When it rains in Spain, go somewhere else.

-When you’ve been beaten 20 times at your own game, it’s time to admit defeat.

-Drinking heavily on top of a life of purity can sometimes hurt the next day.

-If in doubt head south.

-No it’s still wet here


-Nope still wet

-Everyone’s in the same Spanish Van life boat. At least you have a big boat.

-The path of wet rock will eventually lead to dryness.

-Team psyche is stronger than anything I can muster by myself.

-When the train leaves the station make sure you’re on board.

-Send train…..Woop Woop.

-3 months isn’t long enough

-It doesn’t matter how long you go away for. you always feel fittest in the last 5 days.

-The bay of Biscay is a bitch.

-36 hours of sitting down is not good for the spine.

So in summary our holiday was very enjoyable even with it’s highs and low’s. Chek out the Van Life blog for a bit more detail of actually adapting to living in a van. 😉 Ciao for now.

Oh and here’s some pics

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