Most people would probably see me as a climber. Living in the mountains of North Wales does have its benefits though. The outdoors in it’s entirety, the full spectrum, the whole charade. It’s got it all. Climbing, hillwalking, surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, sailing, you name it and you can probably do it here.

I’ve always been ‘into’ anything and everything. Trying new sports or hobbies like a man possessed. Then climbing came along and with it a sense of acceptance. This is the sport for me. One minute I find myself fulfilling my own personal fitness and strength goals and then the next I am wading through a totally new cultural experience on the opposite side of the world.

Having an interest in anything and everything I have found that through traveling and climbing I can achieve and express my whole personality whatever it is that strikes me at the time. Creativity. Sure, I just pick up my camera and shoot my friends taking down hard lines. Adventure. Well I just head off to a remote sea cliff or out onto a big wall. Peace. Yes, climbing can be peaceful. heading out onto a big mountain crag and soloing an easy route for me captures the essence of being in ones own head.

Keeping up to date

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Wiz Fineron

Mind Control, Oliana 8c


Gogarth, North Wales

Looking out of Mousetrap Zawn


Wiz Fineron

Looking up at a successful ascent of Mind Control 8c


Oliana, Spain